The Orpen family tomb at Old Parish Church at Killowen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Church History: –

The parish of Kenmare was combined with neighbouring parishes at an early period in both the established Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic church. In the Church of Ireland Kenmare was combined with various other parishes as the incumbent minister changed. These included Kilgarvan (1673-82), Tuosist (1673-1682, 1703 on), Knockane (1673-82), Templenoe (1678-1809), Kilcrohane (1678-1718).

In 1924 Kenmare became part of the Union of Kenmare, Templenoe and Kilgarvan. This has since been enlarged to the Union of Kenmare and Dromod.

The old parish church at Killowen, on the Kilgarvan road, was replaced by a new structure in 1814. This is now a ruin in the graveyard there. St. Patrick’s Church, which replaced Killowen, was consecrated in 1858.

Church Records: –

The Church of Ireland registers for baptisms, marriages and burials start in 1799. These registers remain in local custody.

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OLD KILLOWEN CHURCH – Dated 1814, Killowen, Board of First Fruits Church of Ireland church, was built in a freestanding double-height Georgian Gothic Revival style, with four-bay nave, and single-bay two-stage entrance tower to west gable end, on a square plan. Ruinous in 1895. No roof to nave.

The Church graveyard on site has various cut-stone grave markers, circa 1815-1950, including grave of Ernest John Moeran, composer (1894-1950). The Gateway, built circa 1815, to north, comprises a pair of stone piers with wrought-iron gates.

Given that the Church was only built in 1814, the first person to be entombed in the vault may have been Edward Orpen (1741-1817), followed by members of his family and their descendants.

Items highlighted in bold and italics below are to be found on the tombstone.

1st GENERATION: [2nd great-uncle of William Newenham Montague Orpen].

Edward Orpen (1741-1817), Age 76.

Ellen (? Eleanor Connor, wife of Edward Orpen ?) and their sons Abraham M.D., Henry.

Eleanor Connor (1758 – 22 Mar 1839), Age 81.

2nd GENERATION: [1st cousin twice removed of William Newenham Montague Orpen].

 Their (Edward Orpen and Eleanor Connor) Sons

Abraham Edward Orpen M.D. (1779 – 13 Jan 1836), Age 57.

Henry Orpen (1780- Mar 1838), Age 58.

Edward Orpen (1794 – 28 Jan 1863) Deputy Lieutenant of Killowen, Age 69.

And Edward Orpen Esq. Deputy Lieutenant of Killowen and their (Edward Orpen and Eleanor Connor) Daughters –

Margaret Orpen (1789 – 01 Mar 1860) Age 71, Wife of Abraham Palmer (1785 – 05 Apr 1860) married 1805. Burial – Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, Age 75 and had issue (see 3rd GENERATION below).

Sarah Orpen (1792 – 27 Jul 1852) married 1808, Richard Morphy (1777-1854) and had issue, 2 sons and 4 daughters, Age 60.

Isabella Orpen (1793 – 1840), Age 47.

Dorcas Helena Orpen (1799 – 30 Mar 1826) married 30 Mar 1826, Redmond Moriarty (31 Dec 1790 – 19 Dec 1851) and had issue, 1 son and 1 daughter, Age 27.

Anne Orpen (1800 – 19 Apr 1877) married 15 Oct 1816, Merion Marshal Moriarty ( 1794 – 10 Jan 1864) and had issue, Age 77.

Elizabeth Orpen (1800 – 26 May 1876) married 24 Feb 1827, Massey Hutchinson Herbert (Jun 1788 – 06 Jul 1836), age 76 and had issue 1 son and 2 daughters.

Charlotte Orpen (1803 – 10 Oct 1877) married 23 Jul 1842, Thomas Hutchings 29 Dec 1802 in Kilgarvan Church, and had issue 2 sons and 1 daughter, Age 74.

3rd GENERATION: [2nd cousin once removed of William Newenham Montague Orpen]

Their (Abraham Palmer and Margaret Orpen) Son

Edward Orpen Palmer (01 May 1807 – 13 May 1883), Age 76.

Wife of the Above Edward Orpen Palmer

Elizabeth Agnes? Herbert? Born Feb 27th 1821 Died March 15 1895.

Elizabeth Agnes (Herbert) Palmer (27 Feb 1821-15 Mar 1895), Age 74.

4th GENERATION: [3rd cousin of William Newenham Montague Orpen].

Their (Edward Orpen Palmer and Elizabeth Agnes Herbert) Daughters:

Elizabeth Died 1921

Elizabeth Agnes Herbert Palmer (1845-1921), Age 76.

Margaret Died 1923

Margaret Dorcas (Maud) Palmer (1845 – 12 Dec 1923), Age 78.

Agnes Died 1910

Agnes Laura Herbert Palmer (1851 – 22 Mar 1910), Age 59.


Kenmare Old Church – Interior.


Goddard Henry Orpen  – B&W copy of a painting by Sean O’Sullivan.


The Five Elder Sons of the Rev. Thomas Orpen (1696-1767) and their Issue.

The Rev. Thomas Orpen’s will is dated 19 February 1767, to which he added a codicil dated 19 August 1767. He died on 21 September following (as appears from a letter dated the following day from his son John Herbert Orpen, M .D., to Lord Shelburne), having had by his wife, Agnes Herbert, seven sons and six daughters.

Of these the five elder sons were as follows:

  1. Richard, his eldest son, obtained a scholarship in Trinity College, Dublin, in 1746, and took his degree of B.A. in 1748. I have in my library a prize gained by him in T.C.D., Michaelmas 1746, entitled Miscellany Poems, published by Mr. Dryden, 5th edition 1727, in four volumes. The book was given to my Father by Richard Ellard, grandson of the prizeman. In the year 1764 he was appointed as Rector of the parishes of Iveragh, including Valentia. He married Mary, daughter of Matthew Hutchinson and widow of James French, by whom he left at his decease in 1770 an only son Richard Thomas Orpen of Frankfort,*1 who died unmarried in 1812 , and three daughters, viz .:

(1) Mary, who married firstly Captain John Travers, and secondly Lieutenant General the Honorable William Mordaunt Maitland, third son of James, seventh Earl of Lauderdale, by whom she left at her death in 1809 an only son, Sir Thomas Maitland, afterwards (1863) eleventh Earl of Lauderdale. His daughter, Lady Mary Jane Maitland, married on 7 January 1868 the Honorable Reginald Brabazon, afterwards twelfth Earl of Meath, who after a long and exemplary life devoted to social service, died in October 1929 aged 88 years. He was perhaps most widely known as the founder of ‘Empire Day.’ I met him once at his beautiful seat of Kilruddery near Bray in 1908, when he entertained a party of the British Association then meeting in Dublin. I recollect being able to tell him something concerning the history of Kilruddery in the thirteenth century which he did not know. I did not then know that he had married my third cousin, or I should have been glad to claim the connection (Continued below image).

Reginald Brabazon, 12th Earl of Meath by Sir William Orpen (1929). National Portrait Gallery, Dublin.

The other daughters of the Rev. Richard Orpen were:

(2) Charlotte Agnes Orpen, born 1767, married (1790) Thomas Quin, K.C., and died 1848, leaving issue.

(3) Sophia Orpen, born 1762, married (1797) Philip Oliver Ellard, and died 1854, leaving issue.

  1. Arthur Orpen, second son of the Rev. Thomas Orpen. He married a French lady and brought her to reside for some time at Killowen. Concerning him Sir Richard Orpen recounts the following occurrence as being the origin of the long feud between the Mahony’s and the Orpen’s:

“Daniel Mahony of Blackeen, who was employed to carry off Irishmen (then known by the name of ‘Wild Geese’) to fill up the Irish Brigade in France, though a Roman Catholic, was married to Isabella, daughter of Joseph Taylor, a Protestant. On her death Arthur Orpen, who was the son of her first cousin, and the other Protestants from the neighbourhood of Killowen went to her funeral at Templenoe, the burying-place of the Mahony’s; but the rest of the Mahony Family refused to permit Daniel Mahony to bury his wife in the family vault, she being ‘a Heretic’. Upon this Arthur Orpen got a sledge from a neighbouring forge, and in forcing open the vault defaced the Mahony coat of arms from their tomb and broke in pieces the slab which covered it.”2

Sir Richard Orpen goes on to recount Arthur Orpen’s tragic death as follows: “Arthur Orpen’s wife disliking the country and wishing to return to France, . . . they put all their property on board a small vessel belonging to him and sailed from Kenmare; but being overtaken by a storm off the Hogg Island (Scariff) the vessel went ashore, and the sailors told him his only chance of escape was to take to the boat. His wife refused to do so and abandon all her property, and he would not leave her. As the crew were leaving him, he said to one of them, Daniel Sullivan (‘Bwee’), ‘Will you desert me too?’ Upon this Sullivan returned to the vessel and perished with his master and mistress. The widow of this Sullivan was allowed a pension during her life by the Orpen’s. Arthur Orpen’s brother, Thomas (who afterwards died in Trinity College, Dublin), was on board at the time, but escaped in the boat and landed with the sailors at Derrynane.”

The above was, no doubt, the Captain’s story, but my great-uncle, Emanuel Hutchinson Orpen, in his Genealogical History of the Orpen Family, treats it as ‘incredible,’ and suspects that the vessel was deliberately driven on Hogg Island and dashed to pieces to conceal the murder and robbery.

III. Thomas Orpen, a student at Trinity College Dublin, died unmarried. He was mentioned in the will of his uncle Abraham Orpen.

  1. George Orpen, a Captain in the army. He served under the Marquis of Granby and Lord George Sackville, and was severely wounded at the Battle of Minden, 1 August 1759 – “On that occasion,” says Sir Richard Orpen,” he was knocked down by a spent cannon-shot and carried to the Hospital. Whilst lying there after the battle he heard two other wounded officers conversing, and one said to the other:

‘As to poor Orpen he is gone. I saw him killed to-day by a cannon-shot.’ ‘I beg your pardon,’ exclaimed he, ‘here I am as well as any of you!’*3 He married Lucy, daughter of Nathaniel Bland of Derryquin Castle (burnt down in 1922). His will is dated 16 July 1782, but was not proved until 26 March 1794, when it is stated that “the Testator was dead about 10 years.”

He left two sons and one daughter, viz.:

(1) Thomas Orpen, a Captain in the Kerry Militia, died unmarried 1829. He was generally known as ‘Kerry Tom.’

(2) Harry Francis Orpen, a Major in the 60th Regiment. He served in India and in Egypt and in the Peninsula and was killed while gallantly cheering on his regiment at Talavera, Spain (1809) under the Duke of Wellington, then Sir Arthur Wellesley.” He was unmarried.

(3) Lucy Orpen, married Alexander Strange, an officer who served for many years in India and died at Windsor, a gentleman pensioner. She left four sons and two daughters.

Edward Orpen of Killowen was born in 1741. He was called ‘Major Orpen’ having been a Major of the Kerry Volunteers in 1782. Of him, his nephew Sir Richard Orpen says: “He was a man of very amiable disposition and great personal courage. During a great part of his life, he held a place in the Revenue as Surveyor of the River Kenmare, and in discharging his duties he had repeated engagements with the Smugglers, who carried on their illegal traffic in large bodies and often by force of arms. At one time the Village called the ‘Cross Roads’ near Killowen was principally inhabited by Smugglers, and finding Mr. Edward Orpen a great check to their proceedings, they hired a fellow of the name of Donoughoe to murder him. This fellow armed himself with a blunderbus and lay outside Killowen Gate to shoot Mr. Orpen when he should go out in the morning, as he usually did pretty early. While he waited, however, he fell asleep, and Mr. Orpen, happening to go out much earlier than usual, found him lying there with the blunderbus by his side. He immediately seized the arms and awakening the villain dragged him to the ‘Cross Roads,’ and there before the faces of the Smugglers flogged him till he broke one of his ribs, and then dismissed him in such a condition that he left the county and never ventured to come near Killowen again. At another time having made a large seizure of tobacco he and his small party were surrounded by the Smugglers with whom they had an engagement, and their own ammunition being nearly exhausted Edward Orpen found it necessary to send for assistance. One of the party volunteered to make good his way through the parties of Smugglers and bring assistance, which he did successfully, and he and his son, Darby Donovan, were ever after regarded with favour by the Orpen’s.*4

Edward Orpen, who died in 1817, had three sons and ten daughters by Eleanor Connor. Of these the sons and four elder daughters appear to have been born before July 1795 when the marriage ceremony was solemnized,*5 and therefore in the eye of the law were technically illegitimate. The sons were as follows:

(1) Harry Orpen, who married in 1809 Eleanor, daughter of William Swanton, by whom he had one daughter only.

(2) Abraham Edward Orpen, M.D., of Cork, born 1779, obtained his degree of B.A. in Trinity College Dublin in 1798, and that of M.B. in 1799. By his second wife, Martha, daughter of Sir James Chatterton, Bart., he left at his death in 1836 a son and a daughter, viz.:

(a) Edward Chatterton Orpen, born 1831, married Marcella Carew Palmer, by whom he had Edward Chatterton Lewis Orpen, born 1857, Admiral Royal Navy.

(b) Rebecca Dulcibella Orpen, who married firstly in 1867 Marmion Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton, and secondly Edward Heneage Dering and died in 1923.

(3) Edward Orpen of Killowen, Barrister-at-law, born in 1794, died without issue on 28 January 1863. Letters of administration with will annexed were granted to Edward Orpen Palmer, eldest son of his sister, Margaret Orpen, wife of Abraham Palmer. This Edward Orpen Palmer appears to have succeeded to Killowen House. He had a son, Abraham Henry Herbert Palmer, Clerk in Holy Orders, B.A., Trinity College Dublin. He was a curate at Monkstown about 1870 when my uncle Cope Garnett lived at Rhos-y-gar, the corner house opposite the church. My uncle used to give a permanent invitation to the curates to come to dinner with him after service on Sundays, and I well recollect frequently meeting Abraham Palmer there in my College days. He has written a full genealogical account of the Palmer family from the Rev. Thomas Palmer, father-in-law of Richard Orpen of the White House.

On the failure then of the male issue of the five elder sons of the Rev. Thomas Orpen, the senior male representation of the Orpen family devolved on the issue of John Herbert Orpen of Cork, sixth son of the Rev. Thomas Orpen. To him, we must now revert.

But first, it will be convenient to mention here the daughters of the Rev. Thomas Orpen:

   (1) Isabella.

(2) Mary.

(3) Cherry, married Rev. James Francis Bland, eldest son of Francis Bland of Ballyboy, and had issue three sons and one daughter.

(4) Margaret Lucy, who died unmarried, described by Emanuel Hutchinson Orpen as “a most kind-hearted and intelligent lady” who had assisted him in compiling his genealogy of the family.

(5) Lucy, married Conway Blennerhassett, and died without issue.

(6) Agnes married Rev. Walter Stewart and had issue one son and two daughters.

1 – I have a letter from him to my great-grandfather J. H. O. of Cork, dated 2 February 1782 “from near Cape Comorin, India,” in which he sent him a Persian seal. The seal was afterward lost.

2 ‘Hist. R.J.T.O.’, page 257.    3 ‘Hist. R.J.T.O.’, page 258.   4 ‘Hist. R.J.T.O.’, page 267.

5  A license was granted by the Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe to solemnize matrimony between Edward Orpen of Killowen and Ellen Connor of Killowen in the parish of Kenmare dated 8 July 1795. “To the above the late Arthur Herbert Orpen of Oriel, Stillorgan appends the following: I have seen the certified copy of the above certificate obtained from the Public Record Office, Dublin.”

  1. H. O. “From the dates of burial of the sons in Kenmare, coupled with the ages given on the burial certificates, and from the dates of the marriages of the daughters, Arthur H. Orpen proceeded to show that the three sons and at least four of the daughters were born before 8 July 1795.”

Ruin of the White House, Kenmare. National Library Ireland.

Burke’s Irish Families, pages 935, 937-940.

1st Generation

RICHARD ORPEN (1652-1716), of The White House, Co Kerry, JP, first of this family to settle on River Kenmare, following the abdication of King James II (1688) he garrisoned his house at Killowen and sheltered all the neighbouring Protestant families, but was forced to surrender when Captain Phelim McCarthy with 3,000 Irish soldiers besieged the place, escaped to England and returned the following year as a commissary and Captain in the Army of King William III, fought at the Boyne, retired to Killowen, born 1652, married ante 1688, Isabella, eldest daughter of Rev Thomas Palmer, JP, Rector of Knocktemple, Co Cork (see 1958 Edition, ORPEN-PALMER formerly of Killowen), and died in 1716, leaving issue,

2nd Generation

REV THOMAS ORPEN (1696-1767), of Killowen, Co Kerry, JP, Rector of Kenmare and adjoining parishes, born 1696 married 4 April 1722, Agnes, 2nd daughter of Arthur Herbert, of Curren’s, Co Cork (see that family), and died 21 Sept 1767, leaving issue,

3rd Generation

  1. RICHARD ORPEN (Rev), of Killowen, Co Kerry, and Frankfort, Co Cork, Rector of Valentia, born 1727, educated Trinity College Dublin (B.A. 1748), married Mary (died 1804), widow of James French, and daughter of Matthew Hutchinson, and died at Bordeaux 1770, leaving issue, 1 son and 3 daughters.
  2. ARTHUR ORPEN was lost at sea with his wife and only child.
  3. THOMAS ORPEN died at Trinity College Dublin, in 1781.
  4. GEORGE ORPEN, Military Officer, severely wounded at Battle of Minden, married 1 Aug 1759, Lucy, elder daughter of Nathaniel Bland, LLD, Judge of Prerogative Court of Dublin (see that family), and died circa 1784, leaving issue, 2 sons, and 1 daughter.

EDWARD ORPEN, of Killowen, Major in Kerry Volunteers, born 1741, married Eleanor Connor (who died 22 March 1839), and he died 1817, leaving issue,

4th Generation 

  1. HENRY ORPEN, married 1st July 1809, Eleanor (died 1811), daughter of William Swanton, of Ballydehob, Co Cork, and had issue,

5th Generation

HENRY ORPEN died unmarried in 1838. LUCY ORPEN, married 1 Sept 1830, John Shaw Dunscombe, 2nd son of Alderman Thomas Dunscombe, of Cork (See 1912 Edition, DUNSCOMBE of Mount Desert), and had issue. He died on 30 May 1854.

4th Generation (Cont.)

Henry married secondly Elizabeth Fairclough and died in March 1838.

  1. ABRAHAM EDWARD ORPEN, MD, of Cork, born 1779, educated Trinity College Dublin (BA 1798, MB 1799), married 1st 1807, Elizabeth (died without issue), daughter of Archdeacon Wall, and secondly 1828, Martha (died 1857), 2nd daughter of Sir James Chatterton, 1st Bt (see that family), and died 1836, leaving issue, 2 sons and 2 daughters.
  2. EDWARD ORPEN, of Killowen, Barrister-at-law, born 1794, married 1840, Harriett Ann, daughter of William Reynolds, of Malpas House, Monmouth, and died without issue 28 Jan 1863.
  3. LUCY ORPEN died unmarried in 1805.
  4. CHERRY ORPEN, married Stephen Hutchinson.
  5. MARGARET ORPEN (1789-1860), married 1805, her cousin Abraham Palmer [1785-1860], of Ashgrove, Co Kerry, and had issue (see Pine, L. G.: Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland, Fourth edition, 1958 ORPEN-PALMER of Killowen). She died in 1860.

5th Generation (Cont.)

EDWARD ORPEN PALMER, born 1807, married 1841, Elizabeth Agnes Herbert born 1821 died 1895, daughter of Robert Hutchinson Herbert and Elizabeth Bland, and had issue. He died in 1883.

6th Generation

  1. ABRAHAM HARRY HERBERT PALMER (29 Jan 1843 – 07 Jan 1909).
  2. ROBERT HERBERT PALMER (05 Jun 1847 – 05 Jun 1847).
  3. ROBERT HERBERT PALMER (08 Aug 1848 – 1849).
  5. MARGARET DORCAS PALMER, born circa 1846, died 1923 (unmarried).

 AGNES LAURA HERBERT PALMER (1851 – 22 Mar 1910).

4th  Generation (Cont.)

  1. SARAH ORPEN, born 1792, married Richard Morphy, son of John Morphy, of Tralee, and had issue.
  2. AGNES ORPEN died unmarried in 1846.
  3. ISOBELLA ORPEN died unmarried in 1840.
  4. DORCAS ORPEN, born 1794, married 1816, Lieutenant Redmond Moriarty, Royal Navy, who went to Australia, and had issue.
  5. ANNE ORPEN, married 1816, Lieutenant Merrion Moriarty, Royal Navy of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and had issue.
  6. ELIZABETH ORPEN, born 1799, married 1827, Captain Massy Hutchinson Herbert, of Roughty Lodge, Kenmare, son of Arthur Herbert, and died 1876, leaving issue,

3rd Generation (Cont.)

  1. JOHN HERBERT ORPEN, MD, eminent Physician of Cork city, born 1743, married Hannah (died 1808), daughter of Emmanuel Hutchinson, Barrister-at-law, of Codrum, and died April 1799, having had issue, 3 sons and 4 daughters (Continued after image below).

John Herbert Orpen (1743-1799) M.D. of Cork.

FRANCIS ORPEN, (Rev), BA, Vicar of Kilgarvan, Co Kerry, Rector of Dungourney, Co Cork, Incumbent of Douglas, Co Cork, born 1747, married 21 March 1780, Susannah (died 13 March 1830), daughter and co-heiress of Hugh Millerd, of Monard, Alderman of Cork, by his wife Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Newenham, of Coolmore (see that family), and died 1805, leaving issue,

4th Generation (Cont.)

  1. ARTHUR GEORGE ORPEN, Barrister-at-law, born in 1787; died without issue on 25 April 1813.
  2. RICHARD JOHN THEODORE ORPEN (Sir), Kt Bach (1868), of Ardtully, Co Kerry (which he purchased 1847 from his kinsman Richard Orpen Townsend), Solicitor, President Incorporated Law Society, born 6 Nov 1788, married 17 May 1819, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Richard Stack, DD, Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, and died 4 May 1876, having had issue (Continued after image below)

Sir Richard John Theodore Orpen (1788-1876).

5th Generation (cont.)

Painting by William’s father Arthur Herbert Orpen of himself and his brothers, William, Charles, Richard, Raymond & Francis.

1. FRANCIS FITZ RICHARD ORPEN, BA, Barrister-at-law, born 16 July 1827; died unmarried 25 Jan 1858.

2. RICHARD HUGH MILLERD ORPEN, MA, of Ardtully, born 1 Nov 1829, married 5 Jan 1871, Amy Noble (died 5 Nov 1928), eldest daughter of Thomas Horwood, of St Anne’s Road, Stamford Hill, and died 2 Jan 1907, leaving issue,

6th Generation (Cont.)

1a. RICHARD HUGH HORWOOD ORPEN, of Ardtully, born 22 Sept 1873; died unmarried 7 Nov 1911.

2a. RAYMOND WILLIAM ORPEN, LRCP, and SI, DPH, of Ardtully (burned down 1921), served in West African Medical Sun 1907-26, Senior Sanitary Officer in Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Nigeria, born 29 Dec 1875, married 9 Dec 1924, Maude Cicely Parsons (died 11 May 1969), and died without issue 20 Dec 1952.

1a. AMY ELIZA ORPEN, born 17 Nov 1874, married 10 Jan 1926, as his 2nd wife, Major John Henry Kennedy, TD, eldest son of Robert Kennedy, JP, of Baronrath, near Straffan Co Kildare (see BURKE’S Peerage, KENNEDY, Bt), and died without issue 24 Oct 1960. He died without issue 10 Dec 1928.

2a. CONSTANCE MARION ORPEN, born 10 July 1877; died unmarried 23 Dec 1959.

3a. NORAH EDITH ORPEN, born 20 Sept 1878, married 1909, Leonard Dudgeon, MD, and died 20 May 1962, leaving issue, 2 sons and 1 daughter. He died 22 Oct 1938.

4a. OLIVE MABEL ORPEN, born 10 June 1880; died unmarried 13 Feb 1936.

5a. MARY WINIFRED ORPEN, born 20 Oct 1884, married 24 Sept 1913, Richard John Casewell Maunsell, CBE, JP, of Oakley Park, Co Kildare, and died 2 May 1974, leaving issue (see that family). He died on 27 Sept 1955.

6a. IDA GRACE VICTORIA ORPEN, MBE (1919), served in World Wars I and II with Minister of Munitions and Stores Dept. (Flat 3, 27 Stanhope Gardens, London SW7), born 31 March 1887.

5th Generation (Cont.)

3. ARTHUR HERBERT ORPEN, of Oriel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, (1830 – 1926), educated Trinity College Dublin (MA), married 30 Oct 1861, Annie (nee Caulfeild)  (she died 9 March 1912), eldest daughter of Rt Rev Charles Caulfeild, Bishop of Nassau, Bahamas (see BURKE’S Peerage, CHARLEMONT, V), and died 6 March 1926, leaving issue, (Continued after image below).

The Artists Parents (Arthur Herbert & Anne Orpen) by Sir William Orpen (1911). NGI.

6th Generation (Cont.)

  1. RICHARD FRANCIS CAULFEILD ORPEN, MRIAI, RHA, of Coologe, Carrickmines, Co Dublin, Cathedral Architect of St Patrick’s, Dublin, and St Canice, Co Kilkenny, born 24 Dec 1863, educated Trinity College Dublin (BA), married 7 March 1900, Violet, 2nd daughter of Colonel Robert Caulfeild, JP, 7th Madras Cavalry, of Camolin House, Co Wexford (see BURKE’S Peerage, CHARLEMONT, V), and died without issue 27 March 1938.


2. CHARLES St. GEORGE ORPEN (1864 – 1939), of Lisheens, Carrickmines, Co Dublin, President Incorporated Law Society 1915-16, Solicitor to Trinity College, Dublin, and Church of Ireland Representative Church Body, educated Trinity College, Dublin (BA), married 27 Aug 1901, Cerise Maria Darley (Cherry), 1874 – 1950, 4th daughter of John Henry Darley, of Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, leaving 1 son and 5 daughters, including the artist Bea Orpen.


Photograph of Cherry Orpen (née Darley) from Stillorgan (1874 – 1950) with their son Arthur Frederick St.George Orpen (1903 – 1992).

  1. ARTHUR HERBERT STACK ORPEN (Mossie), (1872 – 1953), educated Trinity College Dublin (LLD), married 7 Jan 1927, Frances, daughter of Sir James Murphy (9th Battalion) of Yakton, Monkstown, Co Dublin (see BURKE’S Peerage, 1939 Edition), and died without issue.

The grave of ARTHUR HERBERT STACK ORPEN in St. Brigid’s Church, Stillorgan.

4. WILLIAM NEWENHAM MONTAGUE ORPEN (Sir), KBE (1918), ARA, RI, RHA, RWS, the eminent Irish artist, President International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers from 1921-31, President National Portrait Society, President Warwick & Coventry Art Society, Member (Antwerp and Brussels) Beaux Arts, Member New English Art Club, Member Academy of Arts and Letters, USA, hon LLD Dublin, hon Fellow University College London, author of ‘An Onlooker in France’ and ‘Stories of Old Ireland and Myself’, born 27 Nov 1878, educated Dublin Metropolitan School of Art (now the NCAD), and Slade Art School, London, married 8 Aug 1901, Grace (died 13 Oct 1948), 1st daughter of Walter John Knewstub, of Highgate, London, and died 29 Sept 1931, leaving issue, 3 daughters – Mary (Bunny), Diana (Dickie) and Christine (Kit). William was possibly the father of one of Evelyn’s sons – Ferris St George. (Continued below photo).

Sir William Orpen (Self Portrait) 1924.

The grave of William Orpen and his wife Grace (nee Knewstub) Putney Vale Cemetery, London (Stone engraving by Eric Gill).

1A. GRACE MARY ORPEN (Tooie) born 5 Feb 1870 (died 1944), married 1897, Thomas Jackson, and had issue.

The artist’s Sister Grace (Tooie) Sewing in the Garden at Oriel, Stillorgan by William Orpen.

2A. ELIZABETH IDA ORPEN, born 26 March 1875, died aged 5 on 16 Oct 1879 (Continued after images below).

Orpen family photo (see sketch & names on the image below by Diana Orpen (William’s daughter).

The grave of William Orpen’s sister Elizabeth Ida and his parents at Deansgrange. Photo by Priory Studios.

5th Generation (Cont.)

  1. CHARLES WILLIAM DE ERPINGHAM ORPEN, BA, Barrister-at-law, born 21 Sept 1833; died unmarried 10 Oct 1867.
  2. WILLIAM NEWENHAM MORRIS ORPEN , Major, 77th Foot, served in the Crimea, Australia and India, born 31 Jan 1835; died unmarried 26 Nov 1870.
  3. RAYMOND D’AUDEMER ORPEN (Rt Rev), DD, Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert & Aghadoe, 1827 – 1837, educated Trinity College Dublin, married 1 Oct 1867, Sarah Lucinda (died 4 July 1891), elder daughter of Daniel de Courcy McGillycuddy, JP, of Day Place, Tralee, Co Kerry (see that family), and died 9 Jan 1930, leaving issue, 3 sons and 1 daughter (Continued after image below).

Raymond d’Audemar Orpen – Bishop of Limerick and Ardfort by Sir William Orpen.

Rough sketch Court House Tralee on Election of the See of Limerick, Ardfert & Aghadoe on 28th Feb 1907 of The Venerable Archdeacon Orpen (sketch by Arthur Herbert Orpen). The empty chair is clearly for the incoming Bishop once elected.

Raymond d’Audemar Orpen was a curate at Rathronan and then Adare before becoming the Incumbent of Tralee. He was Archdeacon of Ardfert until his ordination to the episcopate as Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe in 1907. He retired in 1921.

  1. MARY ORPEN, married 12 Feb 1846, George Hall Suck, of Mullaghmor, Omagh, and died March 1880, leaving issue.
  2. THEODORA ELIZABETH ORPEN, married 14 Jan 1851, Rev James Going, Vicar of Kilgarvan, Co Kerry, and died without issue 17 Sept 1880.
  3. EMILY GEORGINA ORPEN, married 26 Nov 1859, William Plunket Suck, CE, and died 25 May 1861, leaving issue, one daughter.
  4. CORNELIA SUSANNA SARAH ORPEN, died unmarried.

Elizabeth Ida Rebecca ORPEN, married 12 June 1866, Capt John R. Blacker, 18th Royal Irish Regiment, and died 14 Sept 1901, having had issue, one son.

4th Generation (Cont.)

  1. CHARLES EDWARD HERBERT ORPEN, (Rev), MD, FRCS (London), FRCS (Dublin), founder of National Institute for Deaf and Dumb, Claremont, Glasnevin, near Dublin, took Holy Orders and emigrated to Cape of Good Hope, South Africa 1848, first Rector of Christ Church, Colesberg, born in Cork 31 Oct 1791, married 10 Dec 1823, Alicia Frances (died at Grahamstown 4 Dec 1869), widow of Rev Conolly Coane, of Bath, and eldest daughter of Major Henry Charles Sirr, Town Mayor of Dublin City (see that family, 1958 Edition), and died at Port Elizabeth 20 April 1856, leaving issue, 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Charles Edward Herbert Orpen, M.D. 1791-1856.


St Peter’s Church Kilgarvan.

St Peter’s Church, Kilgarvan, overlooking Ardtully Castle. Now the Michael J Quill Centre – a visitors’ center named after the founder and first president of the Transport Workers Union of America. Michael J Quill was born in Gortloughera, near Kilgarvan. Photo by Priory Studios.

An Orpen grave at St Peter’s church.

                   Possibly Richard Hugh Horwood Orpen.

Orpen’s buried in the cemetery: –

Horatio Orpen (died 24 Feb 1819), Richard Hugh Millard Orpen (died 5 Jan 1807), Richard Hugh Horwood Orpen (died 10 Nov 1911), Richard Orpen (died 1848 – age 5), William Orpen (died 1845).


An 1868 Gazetteer description of the following places in KENMARE: –

“KENMARE, a parish, seaport, and small town, in the barony of Glanarought, County Kerry, province of Munster, Ireland. The parish, which is about 6 miles in length by the same in breadth, lies at the head of the Kenmare estuary, and partly within the valley of the river Roughty. The surface is wild and mountainous, with some bog.

The living is a rectory in the diocese of Ardfert and Aghadoe, valued £341, in the patronage of the crown. The church was erected in 1814 by subscription and loan from the late Board of First Fruits. [St Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Kenmare, was consecrated in 1858 and replaced the old church at Killowen, whose ruins can still be seen today, photo above.]

There is a Roman Catholic chapel, which is united by those of Tuosist and Templenoe. Kenmare House is the residence of the agent of Lord Lansdowne. There are several other residences in the neighbourhood. A public school is supported by Lord Lansdowne, and another by the National Board; besides this, there are several day schools.

The town stands near the head of Kenmare Bay, on the road from Glengariff to Killarney, about 20 miles from the latter place, and 209 S.W. of Dublin. The river, or rather estuary, admits ships of the largest size nearly up to the town and is crossed by a suspension bridge, erected by the Marquis of Lansdowne and the Board of Works.

The town, which is an improving place, is a chief police station. General sessions are held in June and December, and petty sessions once a fortnight.

The bridewell and workhouse are good buildings.

The trade of Kenmare is quite local. Copper, lead, and limestone are worked in the vicinity.

In the neighbourhood is a cave said to have been a retreat of Fingall, and from which the place took its ancient name of Nad-fion. It was re-founded with the name of Nedeen by Sir W. Petty in 1670. A little to the west of the town are the ruins of Dunkerron Castle, built by Owen O’Sullivan, and of Cappanacoss Castle, an ancient seat of O’Sullivan More. There are also two Druidical altars. Kenmare gives the title of earl to the Brownes of Castlerosse.

The Kenmare Poor-law Union lies wholly within the county of Kerry and has a fever hospital and dispensary here. It has 7 electoral divisions and 15 guardians. The market is discontinued. Fairs are held in February, April, May, July, August, September, November, and December.”


St Peter’s Church, Kilgarvan – Extracted from Parish Registers – Orpen’s.

Burials in the Churchyard highlighted in bold.

ORPEN, Agnes 14 Mar 1824 23 Mar 1824
ORPEN, Arthur Herbert 8 Sep 1833 15 Oct 1833
ORPEN, Charlotte / 23 Jul 1842 L
/ Thomas Hutchins
ORPEN, Edward Abraham 29 Jan 1847 21 Mar 1847
ORPEN, Edward Crumpe 19 Jul 1838 19 Jul 1838
ORPEN, Henry William 7 Oct 1842 13 Nov 1842
ORPEN, Horatio (-) 24 Feb 1819
ORPEN, James Campbell 25 Aug 1849 28 Oct 1849
ORPEN, Jane 4 Jan 1846
ORPEN, Johanna 12 Nov 1845 16 Nov 1845
ORPEN, Letitia 20 Sep 1850 13 Oct 1850
ORPEN, Letitia Lucinda 3 Feb 1826 12 Feb 1826
ORPEN, Letitia Matilda 26 Feb 1822 4 Mar 1822
ORPEN, Lucinda 20 Apr 1814 24 Apr 1814
ORPEN, Lucy / 11 Sep 1830 L
/ John Shaw Dunscombe
ORPEN, Margaret Maria 7 Jan 1835 18 Jan 1835
ORPEN, Margaret Maria 4 Dec 1840 7 Dec 1840
ORPEN, Margaret Merideth 6 Dec 1843 28 Jan 1844
ORPEN, Mary 10 Jan 1837 18 Jan 1837
ORPEN, Mary / 30 Nov 1846 B
/ JoShaw Timothy Sullivan
ORPEN, Mary Anne / 1 Nov 1866 L
/ Samuel Downing
ORPEN, Mary Letitia / 22 Dec 1881 L
/ Samuel Anderson
ORPEN, Norah Edith / 8 Sep 1909 L
/ Leonard Stanley Dudgeon
ORPEN, Peggy 23 Dec 1836 28 Dec 1836
ORPEN, Richard Hugh Millerd (77) 5 Jan 1907
ORPEN, Richard 30 Jul 1843 6 Aug 1843 (5) 11 Apr 1848
ORPEN, Richard Hugh Horwood (38) 10 Nov 1911
ORPEN, Richard Hungerford 16 Aug 1832 L
ORPEN, Richard Hungerford 10 May 1840 14 May 1840 (1) 29 May 1841
ORPEN, Richard Hungerford 15 Aug 1844 8 Sep 1844
ORPEN, Richard Townsend B 7 Feb 1845 20 Apr 1845
ORPEN, Samuel 24 Apr 1815 1 May 1815
ORPEN, Samuel 2 Aug 1818 27 Aug 1818
ORPEN, Sarah Christiana 30 Aug 1837 3 Sep 1837
ORPEN, Sarah Christiana 10 Nov 1848 (1) 18 Jun  1850
ORPEN, Thomas 24 Jan 1842 30 Jan 1842
ORPEN, Townsend 2 Aug 1818 27 Aug 1818

ORPEN, William /                                       19   Nov  1829 B                                                                (36)          22     May           1845

  /                Johanna McCarthy

1834 – A list of the Protestant Inhabitants of Kilgarvan Parish: –










BEECHER, Richard

BOWEN, Margaret

BREADY, Catherine

BREADY, Edward


BREADY, Johanna

BREADY, Matthew


BROSTNAN, Elizabeth



DAY, Abby

DAY, James





DENNEHY, Richard





DONOVAN, Elizabeth




DOWNING, Michael


EAGAN, Nancy

FOLEY, Johana

GALLIVAN, Timothy (Jnr)

GALLIVAN, Timothy (Snr)

GEARY, Elizabeth

GEARY, Ellen

GEARY, Harry

GEARY, Henry

GEARY, Henry


GEARY, Johana



GEARY, Samuel

GEARY, William

GILL, Daniel

GILL, John

HARMAN, Arthur

HARMAN, Catherine

HARMAN, Catherine

HARMAN, Emanuel

HARMAN, George

HARMAN, Robert

HARMAN, Susan Jane

HEALY, Denis

HEALY, Denis


HEALY, Timothy


HERBERT, Bastable (Rev)

HERBERT, Dorcas Mary

HERBERT, Elizabeth




HERBERT, Mary Anne


HICKSON, William


KING, Martha

LENAR, Biddy

LENAR, Kitty


LEWIS, Catherine
LEWIS, Eliza

LEWIS, Grace



LEWIS, Margaret

LEWIS, Nathaniel
LEWIS, Richard
LEWIS, Sarah

LEWIS, Thomas






MANSFIELD, Joseph (Jnr)

MANSFIELD, Joseph (Snr)















ORPEN, Arthur Herbert

ORPEN, Edward

ORPEN, Fanny

ORPEN, Frances Diana

ORPEN, Henry

ORPEN, Henry

ORPEN, Henry Richard

ORPEN, Margaret Maria


ORPEN, Richard B

ORPEN, Richard Beecher

ORPEN, Richard Edward

ORPEN, Richard Hungerford

ORPEN, Sally

ORPEN, Thomas

ORPEN, William


RALEIGH, William


RAWLINS, William


SULLIVAN, Daniel Joe

SULLIVAN, Elizabeth







TOWNSEND, Anna Sarah

TOWNSEND, Richard Orpen




1615-1630 Henry Reade (also Templenoe).

1630- ? Milton Codford.

? -1673 Thomas Kennington.

1673-1700 Thomas Palmer. (also Kenmare, Kilmackelogue alias Tuosist and Knockane and 1678-1700 Kilcrohane and Templenoe).

1700-1702/3 Josias Kennington (also Kilcrohane).

1702/3 John Richards (also Kenmare).

1703-1728 Chidley Coote.

1728-1752  Thomas Orpen (1696-1767). 

1752-1770? Richard Orpen (1727-1770) eldest son of Edward Orpen (1741-1817) and grandson of Thomas Orpen (1696-1767).

1770?-1805 Francis Orpen (1747-1805) 6th son of Edward Orpen (1741-1817).

1805-1811 William Hughes.

1811-1842 Bastable Herbert (also 1812 Killaha) BH.

1842-1874  James Going (also Killaha) JG. Married (1851) Theodora Elizabeth Orpen, 2nd daughter of Raymond D’Audemer Orpen, Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe.

1874-1879  Thomas Lindsay FitzGeorge Stack TLFS.

1879-1882  William Augustine Blood Smyth WABS.

1882-1883  Francis James Costello FJC.

1883-1920  Alexander Simpson Duggan ASD.

1920-1924  Vacant (served by Diocesan Curate).

1924  United to Kenmare (Minimum Stipend Act).


1920-1921  Ralph Cecil Victor Harbord (Diocesan Curate 1921-1922).

The Orpen family crest.


Sir Maurice Fitzgerald (1844-1916) – 20th Knight of Kerry 2nd Baronet of Valencia by Sir William Orpen (1910).

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