A portrait of Arthur Herbert and Annie Orpen by their son Sir William Orpen (1911) marking their 50th wedding anniversary. Notice Orpen has painted his own reflection in the convex mirror on the wall (National Gallery Ireland).

And a chalice from their children inscribed –
“A gift of their children on the 50th Anniversary of their marriage to Arthur Herbert Orpen and Annie his wife and by them. Presented to the Parish of Stillorgan as a thank offering to God. (cont. below).
This chalice is a reproduction of an Irish chalice bearing the date 1494″.
The wedding certificate of Arthur Herbert Orpen (Solicitor) and Annie Caufeild (Spinster) on 3rd October 1861. The wedding took place in the Parish of St. George, Dublin City. 
See link below to the De Burgo-O’Malley Chalice, (National Museum of Ireland).
Post by Dominic Lee, Orpen Research Archives.