A ‘silly’ little poem by William Orpen to his daughter Kit, (transcript below).

Poem to Kit (age 13) by her father Sir William Orpen (1919).

It was probably accompanied a self portrait intended to cheer her up.  

He wrote it while attending the WW1 Versailles Peace Conference in Paris.

“Kit Face – Here is Dads face

with forehead all knotted

Because of the care

He has taken of you

to get Irish Stew

For Baby and crew

If they only knew


So try to be nice

be kind to the mice

don’t get any lice

and think once or twice

of Dadooes.

For he’s a dear lad

not feeling too bad

no use being sad

Far better be glad

Don’t you think so really?

                                              Love, Dadooes”.


Christine Grace Violet Orpen (1906 – 2003) known as Kit.


Post by Dominic Lee, Orpen Research Archives.