An illustrated letter by William Orpen to his wife Grace.

The letter includes a drawing of William’s uncle – Bishop Raymond d’Audemar Stack Orpen – Bishop of Limerick and Ardfort and Aghadoe, so he was clearly working on ‘Uncle Raymond’s painting at the same time as the painting of ‘Gardenia on a Donkey‘. He states – “a certain family likeness” and in fact it could be his own self portrait which he portrays.

“My Dearest wife, I think there is a certain family likeness here. Had a fair morning yesterday at Clonsilla* but I found it very difficult to work from nature at a painting I am doing from a drawing. However I saw a few facts that I never would have got from the drawing. I was prowling about Dublin on Saturday before going to the 6.30 and went into Butlers and bought a chandelier for the studio – it will be too big in the house, I got it because I knew I could sell it for more £18.10.0 its about 4 ft deep and might to look. I placed it in the centre of the studio (Cont. below).

Uncle Raymond’s portrait has taken a turn for the better – his sitting is so exceptionally good that he deserves to get something decent – Marchant wrote to me about 4 days ago saying a picture of mine of the Wash House* (the one of Lottie standing up that Girling gave me £20 for about 4 years ago I imagine) was up for sale at Christie’s last Saturday. I told him to bid for me up to £60 so that my market should not be beaten – However it fetched 100 guineas which is good and I’m pleased – I enclose you a cheque for the amount you asked – Hope you got the £10 safely. Glad Bunny liked her party and I’m going to miss the doing up of the puddings. Much love to you Your loving husband Billion.”

Raymond d’Audemar Orpen (1837 – 1930) Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe by his nephew Sir William Orpen.


Clonsilla – Orpen is probably referring to his painting – ‘Gardenia on a Donkey’ (1910).

Gardenia is the daughter of Evelyn St George whom he painted at Clonsilla.


The Lottie picture Orpen refers to in the letter sold at Christie’s 17/12/1910 was “At the Wash Tub” which dates the letter to between 21st and 24th December 1910.

“The Rest” by William Orpen (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa).

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Post by Dominic Lee, Orpen Research Project