Margot Bendir wife of Arthur Bendir of Ladbrooks

Margot Bendir by William Orpen (1926)
Ernestine Marguerite Louise Erskine (born 1881) known as Margot married firstly Richard Murray McGusty (1876-1951) a member of a family of Dublin solicitors who later became a government agent in Canada.
They divorced 1908 and in 1921 Margot married Arthur Bendir, one of the founders of Ladbrooks Betting. Her daughter, Enid Margot, was born in Marlebone, London 1907 and was believed to be the daughter of Arthur Bendir, although her birth name was registered as Enid Margot McGusty who herself married several times and used a few names including Babe Plunket Greene. She was part of the ‘Bright Young Set’ and helped organise the ‘Bath and Bottle Party’ in 1928.
The painting on the left is in Mildura Art Centre, Australia (M 71).
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